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just writting to make some ppl happy [21 Jan 2006|11:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ok so my week consisted of shit load of hw and studying my ass of for quizes, thanfully monday we didnt have school and friday we had a late start and i had the first 2 mods so i didnt start until like 10 am that was great, this week i believe i have a full scale week which those totally suck. I hate economics we have pop quizzes and no knows and we odnt do the reading for it and that sucks, then again the class its self is fun, the teacher is just boring at times, its like do i really give a shit what a market economey and traditional economy is and what a Utile is and utlitiy and how they relate to me hmm no fuck it. Friday i went to with mentz and this kid chris from utica to club inferno and it sucked they felt bad and shit since they go on saturdays and they figured fridays would have as many ppl and it didnt, I liked the ride home that was fun considerin chris totally messed up and got on 1-275 instead of 696 and ya i realized it im like we need to go west on 96 to get bck to 696 east and it worked. the thing that sucked was the place was 45 minutes away, mentz summed it up beaitfully he can "I can write a livejorunal entry on how we get to a place fast, but we it takes like forever to get back". and that basically was how it was. That was enjoyable and i like how the weather channel is like we r having a horrible snow storm and we never got any snow, so that is like bullshit. Anywhoo, a thing im unsure of is this its like i have been single for almost 9 months and so forth, but like i dont want to date just to date i dont want another 1-2month fling,i want to find some one that will actually last for a while and saddenly i havent found that girl yet, and as of now the future isnt too hopefully. So i got told from a friend im going to get hired at buffalo wild wings thing is they havent called me back and i was supposted to get a call no later then the 14th of this month and well thats a lil over due, so i am concerend if i have the job or not if not, then i am going to apply to hollister and abercromie for kids cuz i know u can work thur at 17. wow this is going to be long so ill end it now o ya next sunday on the 28th we get our state championship rings hell ya :-) cant wait

MuchLoveTheBiv 07

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Finally updating [12 Jan 2006|10:49pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

wow i havent updated in months. Ok recaping since last up date we lost the catholic league championship for soccer to brother rice in pental kicks, we ended up beating brother rice for the state championship on november 12th, 2005. one of the best days of my life. we ordered our state championship rings they come in on the 29th of january i cant wait to see how beaitful they will look. Let me see i had a decent time at my homecoming this year even though we lost our homecoming football game. I made George M just as a dancer, last year i did dancing and acting this year its just dance. Brian Meldrium our director had a lot of convrosial stuff posted in his lj, that was an intresting ordeal to say the least. I had a sweet 17th birhtday i got an automatic car starter. Christmas was really good for me I got a lot of preppy clothes and a new digital camera which i love to peices. For the musical i am one of the group leaders which is pretty sweet. Recently, or since well i updated my life has been bouncy. I already have finished my midterms, I got a 2.77 G.P.A for the first semester so i mean i wont complain to much my 2nd marking period grade tho was a 2.86 and my first marking period grade was a 2.91. Regardless of that i can not wait for the weekend this shall be and no school on monday. I also did snowboarding on dec 30,2005 and I have fallen in Love with it :-) I am soo not sure what else to say, o yes i plan on writing once a week- to every other week from now. One of the main reasons i have this is to check out drama information for our musical.


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sorry for the long time [25 Sep 2005|10:29pm]
Ok well school has started i didnt make soccer i am a manager we got our interuims which say we r half way threw the quarter and i have a 3.11 gpa soo i am happy. lets see dont drink the water was amazing and just ended soccer we r doing decent always room to do better. Ok well what else is there school is schoool. I cant wait for wrestling to start up. Ok powderpuff was yesterday that was good seein some ppl i havent seen in a while even tho regina lost 21-14. Lets see idk what all to say if u guys read this then comment and let me no otherwise it might be the last entry. and my hc is one week away.

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just writting to make some ppl happy [26 Jul 2005|06:14pm]
[ mood | sore ]

ok lets recap since the last entry. soccer camp at uofm was pretty cool i wont deny it. i got to play in the bighouse and omg it was amazing. it felt soo good and cool. ya... what else this week we started soccer camp for school 9am-3pm. monday-friday. well soo far 2days r done. i have a feeling that i am going to get cut but o well, if i do then i wont be mad at myself sicne i have been bustin my ass. ok i know on august 5th my tonsills come out, soo not looking forward to that. idk if i expected my summer to be really great but its been only ok. anyway.. i am not sure what else to say. idk when ill get my cell bck soo dont call it if u want my home number ask me. since me and my dad got in arguement and he took it. other than that i am not sure what else to even say..
one last note my mom had suregery today and it went pretty well. so i am happy she had her gullbladder removed. she is just in a lot of pain

comments r welcome...........

muchlove the biv

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this is my 100th entry [16 Jul 2005|12:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ok let me see. i am home from europe it was a lot of fun and i dont wana type it all out soo ill do this. if any1 wants to know anything i did saw, etc, if i liked it or what not.. any questions about europe ill let u post them and ill answer them. plez dont repeat the questions. anyway yesterday i was at mike ladaks party that kicked ass and today i got mike salsiburrys grad party then idk. 2moro i leave again for soccer camp, this time its unvierstiy of michgian. but ill b home from it on thursday. so thats good news. ya soo like i said. post comments and get answers or just post to post

also if u could please help me pass this potato around the usa. just click the link and add ur zip code and thats it. id appreicate it a zillion.

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