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this is my 100th entry

ok let me see. i am home from europe it was a lot of fun and i dont wana type it all out soo ill do this. if any1 wants to know anything i did saw, etc, if i liked it or what not.. any questions about europe ill let u post them and ill answer them. plez dont repeat the questions. anyway yesterday i was at mike ladaks party that kicked ass and today i got mike salsiburrys grad party then idk. 2moro i leave again for soccer camp, this time its unvierstiy of michgian. but ill b home from it on thursday. so thats good news. ya soo like i said. post comments and get answers or just post to post

also if u could please help me pass this potato around the usa. just click the link and add ur zip code and thats it. id appreicate it a zillion.
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