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just writting to make some ppl happy

ok lets recap since the last entry. soccer camp at uofm was pretty cool i wont deny it. i got to play in the bighouse and omg it was amazing. it felt soo good and cool. ya... what else this week we started soccer camp for school 9am-3pm. monday-friday. well soo far 2days r done. i have a feeling that i am going to get cut but o well, if i do then i wont be mad at myself sicne i have been bustin my ass. ok i know on august 5th my tonsills come out, soo not looking forward to that. idk if i expected my summer to be really great but its been only ok. anyway.. i am not sure what else to say. idk when ill get my cell bck soo dont call it if u want my home number ask me. since me and my dad got in arguement and he took it. other than that i am not sure what else to even say..
one last note my mom had suregery today and it went pretty well. so i am happy she had her gullbladder removed. she is just in a lot of pain

comments r welcome...........

muchlove the biv
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We deff. need to hang out soon..
lol if we can, if i can i mean hell idont have any time almost.
aw i hope that everything turns out perfect with your mom and ur summer ends up being amazing. =)

we need to decide when we're gonna play some more pool
lol ya we do i miss playin with u
Sorry if this is random, but I found your name in a search for other Just Surrender fans [who actually used to be called A Second Chance, but had to change their name earlier this year. Some know about the name change and some don't] and I'd like to invite you to join a brand new LJ community on Just Surrender I made.


I'm always up for meeting new Just Surrender fans, so add me if you'd like. :) Also please join the community.

I also apologize ahead of time if you don't like these kind of posts. I'm just trying to invite new fans to the community the best way I know of.