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Finally updating

wow i havent updated in months. Ok recaping since last up date we lost the catholic league championship for soccer to brother rice in pental kicks, we ended up beating brother rice for the state championship on november 12th, 2005. one of the best days of my life. we ordered our state championship rings they come in on the 29th of january i cant wait to see how beaitful they will look. Let me see i had a decent time at my homecoming this year even though we lost our homecoming football game. I made George M just as a dancer, last year i did dancing and acting this year its just dance. Brian Meldrium our director had a lot of convrosial stuff posted in his lj, that was an intresting ordeal to say the least. I had a sweet 17th birhtday i got an automatic car starter. Christmas was really good for me I got a lot of preppy clothes and a new digital camera which i love to peices. For the musical i am one of the group leaders which is pretty sweet. Recently, or since well i updated my life has been bouncy. I already have finished my midterms, I got a 2.77 G.P.A for the first semester so i mean i wont complain to much my 2nd marking period grade tho was a 2.86 and my first marking period grade was a 2.91. Regardless of that i can not wait for the weekend this shall be and no school on monday. I also did snowboarding on dec 30,2005 and I have fallen in Love with it :-) I am soo not sure what else to say, o yes i plan on writing once a week- to every other week from now. One of the main reasons i have this is to check out drama information for our musical.

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