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fredistheman's Journal

31 December
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TOO LAZY but if u want to no something about me ask me
I am a Junior at delasalle, and also single and involved with soccer and we r the 2005 state champions and i do the fall the play and spring musical and also am an echursitic minister., 42nd street, 89x, 955, 96.3, 97.9, 99.5, a second chance, a static lullaby, abercrombie and fitch, acting, aeropostale, africa, alternative music, america, american eagle, anchorman, animals, australia, b3's, basketball, beaches, beckham, blink 182, books, bows, boy hits car, bright eyes, broadway, buffon, cash, cast party, catcher in the rye, cedar pointe, closing night, clothes, coffee, colors, curtain call, da vinci code, dances, dancing, dashboard confessional, drama, dreaming, driving, ducks, duke, europe, family, fifa, finding nemo, fountains of wayne, freedom, friends, gc, girls, going online, going out with friends, going to parties, going to the movies, greenday, habit with me, ham, hanging out with friends, history, hockey, homecoming, homecomings, horses, hugs, human rights, hunting, ice cream, italain league soccer, j.d. salinger, jayz, jesus, laying around, leftovers, linkin park, literature, livejournal, love, lp, lullaby of broadway, mall, michigan, movies, music, musicals, my chemical romance, my dog, napolean dynomite, nfg, no war, opening night, our lady peace, pac sun, pajamas., paly soccer, partying, pizza, plays, poetry, politics, polos, ranaldo, reading, reading peoples livejournals, running, school, scuba diving, second string, shuffle, singing, sleeping, snowboarding, soccer, something corporate, sports, stacy's mom, starbucks, sterling heights, sugarcult, sum41, surfing, switchfoot, taking back sunday, talking on the computer, talking on the phone, tap dancing, tbs, tee shirts, the all-american rejects, the darkness, the great santini, the hanson's running boys, the who, three days' grace, time steps, watching movies, watching soccer, working, workingout, world peace, writing, yellow card, yellowcard, your mom